duminică, 18 octombrie 2009

In the middle of nowhere!

Typing from Forte Net Cafe, Constanta, Romania
Yes, this truly means I have problems with my internet connection again but I`m sure that is nothing new to you, I`m always like a tresspasser, I never settle down to a specific place in space. So, if you try to seek me somewhere, you may find me not. Keep trying.
I`m always in a rush and one day, within these days, I said to myself that I must write some new entries on my blog, as I felt it so many many times. Only that I couldn`t do it, I`ve been running from a place to another - and that is what they call "following your interest/s". Maybe I was the one who did it literally, who knows!
And shame on me, I`ve negleted those things which I like most, such a pity! :( So I`m actually planning to go back to photos, words and books, I`m currently re-reading "Also Sprach Zarathustra" and YES, from time to time, I still stop in the middle of the street, in the middle of nowhere to hug a homeless cat and to smile while enjoying the feeling of touching its fur. Do you do this too? :)
Life tastes bitter, doesn`t it? It has been raining for days in here. It`s all wet. The pavement looks grey and sad, sad, sad. Truly madly deeply sad. People start to feel the spleen, they act like something`s pressuring them all the time. I personally think this really affects their relationships, of any kind.
Let`s blame the rain for this issue, shall we...
I have no further words to be added on this entry/post.

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