miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009

My Supergirl

This music videoclip is dedicated to a special friend of mine who actually changed some parts of my life. Or no! Better: she`s me, only that we don`t share the same body. We sure have similar attitudes and mentalities :)
I don`t know if I should be greatful or just act normal to her. Sometimes, I feel like I neglect her and excuses are simply not enough! Not even words, after all. But deeds may be an appropriate solution :)
Nonetheless, I know she deserves only what`s best from this life and I`m just an ordinary girl, i`ll never be able to show her how much she means to me, especially that we have chosen separated pathways and this can really damage our relationship. I`m afraid... I cannot make any promises, people do mistake and I know I`m a sinner, but at least I can try to avoid dissapointing her and always try to bring a smile to her face. You know, between us two is a special bound, more than words can say, more than my limited English vocabluary can say!
Do you have such a special friend whom to communicate without words?
In case you do, just think you are sooo lucky despite the fact that you are not worth of them. So, do your best not to lose what was given to you!
You should see my Helen`s smile, she has a beautiful smile.
She`s one of a kind, a supergirl :)

Reamonn - Supergirl

"You can tell by the way, she walks that she's my girl
You can tell by the way, she talks that she rules the world.
You can see in her eyes that no one is her chain.
She's my girl, my supergirl.

And then she'd say, it's Ok, I got lost on the way
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry.
And then she'd say, it's alright, I got home late tast night,
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls just fly.

And then she'd say that nothing can go wrong.
When you're in love, what can go wrong?
And then she'd laugh the nightime into day
pushing her fear further long.

And then she'd say, it's Ok, I got lost on the way
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls don't cry.
And then she'd say, it's alright, I got home, late last night
but I'm a supergirl, and supergirls just fly.

And then she'd shout down the line tell me she's got no more time
'cause she's a supergirl, and supergirls don't hide.
And then she'd scream in my face, tell me that leave, leave this place
'cause she's a supergirl, and supergirls just fly

Yes, she's a supergirl, a supergirl,
she's sewing seeds, she's burning trees
She's sewing seeds, she's burning trees,
yes, she's a supergirl, a supergirl, a supergirl, my supergirl..."

I really care about you, my supergirl!

Sting - Every Breath You Take

Falltime (Hello, Mr. Chestnut!)

Well, if life is a tale indeed, maybe it isn`t an idiot`s tale (according to MacBeth`s line in the play with the same name by Shakespeare), maybe we are its authors. That means I may write my own story - it an awesome story starring beautiful people, leaves, cats and smiles.
But let me tel you one thing: when I refer to somebody as being "beautiful", I`m not using this word with its basic meaning... In my view, a beautiful person is everyone of us who has the courage to be different, to assume their own tale instead of accepting the idea that they are caught like puppets in an idiot`s tale...
It`s already falltime and perhaps the most amazing aspect about it is that the name itself speaks out loud: everything around you is falling down, everything is within a major decline...

(To be continued...)

duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

Taking responsabilties...

When it comes to responsabilities - no matter what kind - are we (cap)able to deal with them? :)

Say Hello - Rosie Thomas


Persona versus Person

To make things clear from the very beginning, here are the definitions for those two words according to MacMillan Online Dictionary (British English):
PERSONA - noun [countable]; /pə(r)ˈsəʊnə/
- the part of your personality that you deliberately show most people

PERSON - noun [countable]; /ˈpɜː(r)s(ə)n/
- an individual human (the basic meaning)
as a person -
used for talking about someone in relation to their character, personality

Having these definitions as strong premises for building my hypothesis, many times I asked myself whether the people I think I know are exactly the way I think they are or I`m mistaken concerning them. In such issues, here interferes the struggle between these two powerful elements: PERSONA, PERSON. How can you know a person (a human individual) for real, especially if you`re usually confronting with their persona, instead of their person (real character, behaviour, perosonality)?
For instance, who`s displayed on this blog? Is it me or my persona?

How can you tell?

joi, 17 septembrie 2009

Chasing pavements...

(Listening to Mozart`s "Carmina Burana")
Hey. Today is the day of both big decisions and important self-choices, I must act responsible and think as rational as possible. There`s this migration that will take place in my life. I must put behind people, feelings due to the fact that I`m leaving one place, then go to another, only to follow my interests. I only wish that they got fulfilled at a certain moment so that I won`t be forced to chase them for a longer while. I cannot plan anything, I can only be patient and patience, my friend, is a virtue!
I`ve dreamt too much lately, maybe I should be banned from doing it! But I cannot help myself, I`m doing it by default, this is the element which glues togheter my inner balance, my thoughts and my feelings...
Moreover, when I get sober from my dreams, no matter they are day dreams or real night films, I wake up thinking that I`m only chasing pavements, nothing more than that! What do I have, actually? Some of my activities are all in vain, some of them will never get accomplished, some of them are a bunch of silly ideas, some of them are about to be built in my soul and to develop strong roots, like seeds germinate in the soil... So, I guess that makes this question so difficult to answer: what do I have, in case I have anything? Inside my mind, there`s the reply: though I fear a lot, I HOPE. Sometimes I cry on the inside but I know that my reason will guide me to the right pathway.

i`m in a low mood today, I cannot smile all of a sudden. I`m dealing with a whole net of thoughts that awaits to be put in order, I`m lost in disorder!

marți, 15 septembrie 2009

Who`s she? (Epic adventure)

"Who`s she?" is a whole chapter on my personal blog so it is to have several subchapters concerning me and my identity, as perhaps you have already noticed.
So I`ll share to you an amazing epic adventure - the rise of a personality and the built of a behaviour.
Once upon a time, there were two people who were supposed to love each other, only that they weren`t. As a result of a very complicated process, these two people created a little fair-skinned creature who was to rule the world if given the chance :) They called her A. and they were wondering what is she, actually. She has proven in time that she is nothing more than a "simple human being" (in Romanian: "fiintza simpla" or, the correct spelling, "fiinţa simplă") as she never aimed more than having her personal human being to whom to torture and who to care about her.
She grew up loving ducklings and crying for poor chestnuts that fell from chestnut trees because she thought they were getting hurt this way. She fell in love with sun flower...after that, she fell in love with colour green and their bound was to be forever, as they`re still a good match :)
She loved almost everything around her as she thought that objects are alive. How silly of her! When she grew up and began to be aware of herself she started to think that she`s a human, a girl, specifically. What is a girl due to become - she started to ask her innser self. A president? A bee? A bumble bee? Maybe a mother? Or maybe an independent person who to lead a better life? What is a better life? Is there such thing? And there were so soooooo many questions spinning around in her mind and she hasn`t managed to find answers to some of them not even until today, she still continues to ask herself questions and yet there will be so many left without answers...
She discovered that life can be so difficult to deal with, especially when you forget to smile or to display yourself to the others as a kind person. She found out that life is built - brick by brick - from smiles, eyes, faces, books, words, souls and more than that! If you choose to see life as a simple item which can be played as you please, assuming your own role, you`ll manage to be optimistic.
You must follow your dreams, don`t allow them to chase the sanity in you!

(To be continued...)

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Who`s she? (My very first entry)

Hi everyone. This  girl with cinnamon eyes, wavy hair and rich imagination is called Alina and she`d like to start posting on her personal blog. She`s me. So I`ll start penning whatever crosses my mind no matter the hour! Besides, I`ll try to write all my blog posts entirely in UK English because I feel I have a poor vocabulary and a low level language skills so I want to upgrade/update these aspects. Moreover, writting my posts in British will allow me to keep in touch with all my friends, whether they are foreigners or just Romanian pals of mine. Well, I don`t have any goals, I only love words and people and that`s a great combination! 

I promise you that in time, I`ll develop my vocabulary in the ways I please in order to find the most appropriate words for my thoughts. It`s a bit difficult at the moment but you just have to trust me on my word :)

Sometimes I find life very difficult to cope with, so I`ll provide you a funny definiton of it: "To be is to do" - Socrate; "To do is to be" - Jean Paul Sartre; "Do be do be do" - Frank Sinatra.


Alina C.