joi, 19 noiembrie 2009

November tale (Cinnamon eyes, coffee eyes)

The leaves were breathing and whispering a strange song.
She stepped carefully on the alley, almost as she was afraid of something. She was afraid, indeed. She was trying to hide - to hide from herself.
She closed her eyes and deeply breathed the heavy grey cold air into her chest. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes.
She sat alone on an yellow banch in the park way, looking straight forward at the shallow alley, all-covered in leaves.
She sighed few times and after that... There was this crystal clear tear shadowing her cinnamon eyes.
The dead leaves of November sighed silently from far beyond the real world, apparently layed still on the grey pavement.
In that very moment, it started to rain.
The cold raindrops chased away the bizarre peacefull view which had previously coated the surroundings.
But for her, everything was impossibly still on the OUTSIDE. It was this deep silence - OUTSIDE. She could only listen to her thoughts, she could only hear the storm inside.
There was a complete chaos in her inner self, too many thoughts spinning around her mind, too many thoughts screaming on the inside.
And from all these thoughts, there was this specific question which screamed so loud that almost brought pain to her soul:
"When will I get the chance to see the coffee-eyed boy?"

It was so cold outside, her small hands were sad.
The same grey pavement beneath her feet.

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