joi, 24 decembrie 2009

Coffee hair ballerina

When she started to feel like every little thing went wrong, she accused herself and blocked her mind with this line: "I cannot, I cannot, it`s too difficult! I`m too SMALL and there are too many people in here far better than I am!". And she burst in tears, her little pretty face turned red and her eyes and her cheeks were all wet and red.
Then, she heard a voice - a warm one - which encouraged her with nothing but few simple, beautiful words...
"Let`s have a deal, little curly ballerina, shall we?"
And the little ballerina with coffee hair coils replied with a sad smile, and she was so brave that she had the amazing courage to display that, in spite of the fact that she lacked few teeth (oh, she was only 5 - so young and restless!), she could still smile. She was sitting in the middle of the dance room, torturing her pure white ballerina dress with her small fingers.
"Well, I`ll steal all those shiny pretty stars from the skies above and everytime you`ll smile, I`m to give you one, as a gift... The number of stars is infinite so I want you to smile infinite times! But, please, oh - my dear little curly ballerina, keep smiling because... If you ever stop smiling, whom shall I gift the stars I`ve stolen especially for you...? Don`t let me down! Smile all the time."
All of a sudden, her cinnamon eyes started to smile because she was smiling on the inside.
"Thank you!", she replied instead and though she lacked few teeth - and she couldn`t pronounce some words properly due to this reason - she was brave enough to speak.
Few seconds later, she was elegantly swinging on Tchaikovsky and for several moments, she managed to chase the negative thoughts away from her mind and started to feel incredibly free, as the world became her oyster.
She vanished all the tears on her cheeks, on her dress with only one powerful smile :)
The world around her became imposibly still, with so many dreams to fulfill...

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