marți, 15 septembrie 2009

Who`s she? (My very first entry)

Hi everyone. This  girl with cinnamon eyes, wavy hair and rich imagination is called Alina and she`d like to start posting on her personal blog. She`s me. So I`ll start penning whatever crosses my mind no matter the hour! Besides, I`ll try to write all my blog posts entirely in UK English because I feel I have a poor vocabulary and a low level language skills so I want to upgrade/update these aspects. Moreover, writting my posts in British will allow me to keep in touch with all my friends, whether they are foreigners or just Romanian pals of mine. Well, I don`t have any goals, I only love words and people and that`s a great combination! 

I promise you that in time, I`ll develop my vocabulary in the ways I please in order to find the most appropriate words for my thoughts. It`s a bit difficult at the moment but you just have to trust me on my word :)

Sometimes I find life very difficult to cope with, so I`ll provide you a funny definiton of it: "To be is to do" - Socrate; "To do is to be" - Jean Paul Sartre; "Do be do be do" - Frank Sinatra.


Alina C.

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