duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

Persona versus Person

To make things clear from the very beginning, here are the definitions for those two words according to MacMillan Online Dictionary (British English):
PERSONA - noun [countable]; /pə(r)ˈsəʊnə/
- the part of your personality that you deliberately show most people

PERSON - noun [countable]; /ˈpɜː(r)s(ə)n/
- an individual human (the basic meaning)
as a person -
used for talking about someone in relation to their character, personality

Having these definitions as strong premises for building my hypothesis, many times I asked myself whether the people I think I know are exactly the way I think they are or I`m mistaken concerning them. In such issues, here interferes the struggle between these two powerful elements: PERSONA, PERSON. How can you know a person (a human individual) for real, especially if you`re usually confronting with their persona, instead of their person (real character, behaviour, perosonality)?
For instance, who`s displayed on this blog? Is it me or my persona?

How can you tell?

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