miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009

Falltime (Hello, Mr. Chestnut!)

Well, if life is a tale indeed, maybe it isn`t an idiot`s tale (according to MacBeth`s line in the play with the same name by Shakespeare), maybe we are its authors. That means I may write my own story - it an awesome story starring beautiful people, leaves, cats and smiles.
But let me tel you one thing: when I refer to somebody as being "beautiful", I`m not using this word with its basic meaning... In my view, a beautiful person is everyone of us who has the courage to be different, to assume their own tale instead of accepting the idea that they are caught like puppets in an idiot`s tale...
It`s already falltime and perhaps the most amazing aspect about it is that the name itself speaks out loud: everything around you is falling down, everything is within a major decline...

(To be continued...)

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